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What's new
July 2017
We are pleased to announce BC Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium has updated its agreement with Ingenuity Works to provide member districts with a discount on All the Right Type 4 Online (ATRT4) for the 2017/18 school year.
May 2017
1. Updated user interface
2. Classic view interface
3. Theme pages for Teachers
4. Under class progress report we have added a sort button and student progress %
September 2016
Teacher Class Permissions

After setting up classes we have created a new interface so that teacher permission can be granted at one time instead of editing class by class

July 2016
Challenge Championship - Flags

Compete against other ATRT users on your knowledge of flags around the world. Practice typing countries in different continents as you recognize the country flag. 5 different challenges.

May 2016
Create your own Practice Text

New Themed Game called Create Practice Text. This game allows users to create their own practice lesson. You can type or copy and paste text from other sources. Users can compose their own stories and save to use as their practice warm up lesson.

April 2016
Search Capabilities

We have now added a search for looking up students by last name or first name in your school. The search is available under the maintenance tab and then display users.

February 2016
Theme home page for students

Students can now customize the look of their homepage. This option is managed by the teacher and can be turned off or on when setting up or editing a class. Once a teacher checks off the "theme button" , the next time a student logs in they will have this feature. If the theme button is unchecked, the classic campus view is the home page. Theme pages are not recommended for the teacher home page because it does not have a maintenance tab for you to manage students.


November 2015
Family Letter

All the Right Type 4 online can be accessed by students at school and home. For your convenience we had added a "Family Letter" that auto fills with your school code, student user ID and password. .This is similar to the log in cards but lets parents and family members know about All the Right Type 4 online for home use. We have changed the user permissions so that teacher accounts can now print out log in cards as well as the family letter.


October 2015
Calendar WPM average display

Students now have a way to motivate themselves by viewing their average WPM by month and day on the homepage. If you have the top game score display turned on, students can toggle between this and the calendar WPM average display.

Class/Student Progress Report Graph

This graphical report provides teachers, at a glance, exactly what lessons their students have completed in a class view. Educators can roll over the L,P,S. or T for more detail (lesson name, wpm, accuracy, errors and date. The report can also be viewed for individual students. This report is very handy to check if homework assignments were completed.

  Class Progress Report Graph (Landscape and Portrait) on "Manage class" screen

  Student Progress Report Graph (Landscape and Portrait) on "Manage user" screen

September 2015
Real time Class/Student Status Report

To provide teachers with a quick snapshot of what their students are doing we have added a "Real time Class Status Report". This report displays students' last completed lesson, number of lessons they have completed in the drillfile, and date and time. The report is located in your class view beside the records icon.

  Class Real Time Status Report on "Manage class" screen

  Student Real Time Status Report on "Manage user" screen

August 2015
All the Right Type 4 online teaches users of all ages how to touch type.

As requested we have added a section called "ABC" that contains activities for young children to become familiar with the keyboard as well as to support phonics. This section is for students not quite ready for touch typing. Students can play the activities as many times as they like and the program displays the sections that they have completed.

July 2015
ATRT Typing Challenge.

Now students can compete with all ATRT users in the world. They can view the top typist within the world, state/prov./district and school. If teacher's do not want students names displayed they can disable this feature under the school edit.

June 2015
Now students can continue to learn and practice on an ipad®.

We released an ipad app for All the Right Type 4 online so students can now access their lessons on and ipad. Valid subscribers of ATRT 4 online can download the app from the app store at no charge. Students log in using the same school code, userID and password.
The ipad® app is a free download for subscription holders and can be downloaded on the App store on your ipad®. Search for ATRT or All the Right Type. Students can log in with their school account and continue where they left off. The teacher's maintenance is not available through this app.

Apr 2015
We have added additional drill files for extra practice.

We have added additional drill files for extra practice After your students have covered all of the keys we have added additional drill files for extra practice.

- Aesop's Fables - lower and upper levels consisting of a collection of 18 stories
- Native American Tales - 3 stories
- Fairy Tales - 5 stories

Typing stories is a great way to keep students engaged while practicing their keyboarding skills.

March 2015
All The Right Type 4 for iPad® app is coming soon.

Good news, we are in the final testing for an iPad® app for All The Right Type 4. We have an iPad® app as well as a version that will connect to All The Right Type 4 Online's cloud database. Now students that use All The Right Type 4 Online at school can also continue their lessons where they left off on an iPad® at home or school.

November 2014
When creating classes we have added a toggle called "Disable 'Edit my profile'". The default is to have this option off so that students can edit their name and password. If you DO NOT want the students in your class to be able to edit their name and password, check off this box.
November 2013
Supplemental ready-to-use 30 activities with lesson plans to complement keyboarding skills.
Click Search, Write, Present and Write This Way for more information.
October 2013
For students that do not have time to complete a lesson in the learning lab or practice building, we have added a "Quit" button that will save the line that the student has completed in the lesson. They can then continue from the last line completed. This feature was requested by elementary teachers. We do however recommend students complete the whole lesson in the learning lab in one class period as developing finger memory and automaticity is achieved faster if practiced this way where possible.
September 2013
New Lesson Game - Fire Game
Under the class options we have added "Must achieve threshold to advance". Students must achieve the set threshold to advance to the next lesson instead of prompted to redo or next lesson.
The school admin. Log in user can generate and print user log-in cards for students at the beginning of the term
August 2013
Under the class options we have added "Auto sticker". For teachers that would like to offer stickers to students for completing lessons without going into each students account, we had added this feature. Students are rewarded stickers for completing lessons. The number of stars on the sticker indicates the % accuracy. For example one star is 0 - 70%, two stars 71 - 90% and three stars for 91 - 100%. Students will also be awarded a sticker if they retake a lesson and improve their score.
We have also added additional stickers.
Additional reports to include Diagnostic test reports viewable in the Record Library.
July 2013
Report card feature to generate scores for students. See tutorial "report card"
June 2013
For school districts that would like to transfer students with their records from one school to another, we have added a transfer student function for district and school admin accounts only. See tutorial "Transfer school"
May 2013
We have added All the Right Type Jr. drillfiles and a Jr. Interface in the learning lab for younger children. These lessons are shorter in length but follow the same learning methodology designed by our keyboarding specialists. For additional reinforcement, when a key is miss typed a cartoon animal beginning with the letter of the correct key as well as the correct key is highlighted.
March 2013
New Drillfiles:
Most Common Words Used in Grades 1 - 5
Most Common 100 Words Used in English
Capital Cities of the World
October 2012
To practice voice dictation, we have added 8 themed games on endangered animals. While users are practicing their keyboarding skills they are also learning about endangered species, and honing listening skills. Users can listen to the voice and get hints as many times as they like for each line of text while typing.
July 2012
Two more lesson games, Cargo loader and Space Crisis have been added as well as Top 10 scores in the Games listing on the home page. To monitor keyboarding game results we have also added a game log in the records.
June 2012
We have added a series of theme games on planets and the solar system. Not only can you practice typing, you can also learn interesting space facts. These games are narrated and contain actual photos of planets.
May 2012
We are developing a series of themed keyboarding games for students that have completed learning all of their letters and numbers and require additional practice to improve accuracy and speed. Math Flash Cards allows students to practice their typing while improving their basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
April 2012
Engaging e-stickers have been added to the program for teachers to give to students for reinforcement. We have included 3 levels of stickers so that teachers can award them accordingly. Students love collecting stickers in their "sticker book".
March 2012
Sharing lessons - teachers can create their own keyboarding lesson to use within their own school, or choose to "share" the lesson with all subscribers. This is a great way to increase the number of lessons available to you.
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