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Ingenuity Works develops educational software and Internet programs.

Ingenuity Works has been developing educational software for over 2 decades and our award winning products are used in over 65,000 educational institutions across North America. That's millions of students that have been touched by our products at school and at home!

In fact, many of today's young teachers used our products when they were students. For example, we often hear that young teachers learned on All the Right Type and are using newer versions of ATRT in their classrooms today. That's a testament to the quality and longevity of our software.

Our Keyboarding tutorial lessons, and learning and teaching methodologies used in ATRT have been evaluated and assessed by hundreds of educational institutions over the years to meet the high standards required for recommendation and adoption. We have been fortunate to have ATRT licensed for all public schools in British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick and the Yukon. The Utah State recommended ATRT as well as the program was adopted for all schools in many large school districts across North America (Chino Valley SD, Edmonds SD, Elk Grove Unified SD, Anoka-Hennepin SD, Peoria USD, Saddleback Valley SB etc. to name a few). All the Right Type has stood the test of time.

We have now developed a web version of ATRT, because online delivery is becoming essential for our schools and expands the students' learning environment to include their home.

In today's fast changing world, true online products like ATRT 4 Online provide efficiency, security and equitable access. They are the solution; access is "any time, anywhere", access is not restricted to a particular computer, there is no installation; and you are free of backup worries and upgrade hassles. You never have to upgrade as you will always be using the most current version of the program. We invested in the true online experience because it provides the student the best school and home learning experience.

Thanks to our extensive background in education, we have been able to combine comprehensive learning experiences with stimulating interactivity to create compelling and engaging products for today's youth. Students can learn as a group or at their own pace. Through the use of adaptive technology each user can experience lessons that will meet their own specific needs in a safe learning environment as well as results are recorded to provide assessment and track competencies.

Our commitment is to create the best possible learning tools for today's students--the leaders of the future.

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