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No matter from school, home, or work, as long as you have internet access, you can continue your lesson where you left off to improve your typing skills and save valuable time.

Our no nonsense approach and learning methodology allow you to learn how to touch type in the most effective way.
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All the Right Type
ATRT has four types of lessons that support immediate reinforcement (learn, practice, skill and test). If "sequencing" is turned on, students must follow the learning pattern designed by keyboarding specialists. The maintenance section has many exceptional features for teacher management.

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User interfaces change so that ATRT is enjoyed by all ages. Improving keyboarding skills is like swimming. Everyone needs to start at the same point, however, learners can progress at their own speed with different goals. Our lessons and learning methodology focus on finger reach and aromaticity, therefore, advance keyboarding skills as quickly as possible.

Hand Position
Animated fingers display proper fingering and reach. Users are then presented with several lines of text which they must type correctly to progress to the next key. If a mistake is made, users will see immediate feedback in the form of an animation of the correct fingering and reach.

After completing each line in the "learn" type lesson, users will see a report and get immediate feedback finger analysis. A critical ATRT advantage is the letter-by-letter error checking to report the individual finger to the user should focus on. The program will prompt users to redo the lesson if they have not achieved the level of accuracy set by the teacher.

The keys presented are the same keys that they have learned in the previous "learn" type lesson; however, the learning focus has moved to using the letters in words and sentences.

We have two types of games: Lesson Games which follow the same letters that students have learned if sequencing (time-tested effective learning order) has been turned on, and Themed Games. In themed games we have also incorporated basic math keyboarding (number-pad) lessons as well as "dictation" or "note-taking" type games to reinforce keyboarding without text to copy. All game results are tracked into the database for recordkeeping.
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Lesson sequencing learning method designed by keyboarding specialists. 

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Same program as the school version, but with simplified features to easily manage a smaller class size.

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Ready-to-use typing tutor program with many easy features to manage classes of all sizes, schools, or districts.

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