We have now developed a web version of ATRT, because online delivery is becoming essential for our schools and expands the students' learning environment to include their home.

In today's fast-changing world, true online products like ATRT provide efficiency, security, and equitable access. ATRT online is the solution with anywhere and anytime access that is not restricted to one particular computer. There is no installation and you no longer need to worry about backups or upgrade hassles. You never have to upgrade as you will always be using the most current version of the online program. We invested in the true online experience because it provides the students with the best school and home learning experience.

Thanks to our extensive background in education, we have been able to combine comprehensive learning experiences with stimulating interactivity to create compelling and engaging products for today's youth. Students can learn as a group or at their own pace. Through the use of adaptive technology, each user can experience lessons that will meet their own specific needs in a safe learning environment, and results are recorded to provide assessment and track competencies.

Our commitment is to create the best possible learning tools

 for today's students--the leaders of the future.